From its founding in 1890, the University of Chicago has been committed to open, rigorous, and intense inquiry with a shared understanding that this must be the defining feature of the University. We recognize that our most important contributions to discovery, education, and society rest on our focus, the power of our ideas, and the openness of our environment to the development and testing of these ideas.

The University of Chicago has defined academic disciplines, schools, and modes of thought and has had a transformative impact on fields including economics, science, energy production, mathematics, medicine, law, business, religion, policy, sociology, archeology, and historical, cultural and literary analysis. We have always drawn the most original agenda-setting faculty and students, who work together in an interactive and genuinely multidisciplinary atmosphere. Students from the College, graduate schools, and professional schools have been empowered by their education and have become leaders in virtually every area of endeavor.

We are located in a dynamic city, Chicago, with our main campus in the Hyde Park neighborhood and a notable presence in our facility downtown. We operate two major national laboratories, an internationally renowned hospital, an outstanding pre-K-12 private school, a charter school with four distinct campuses, our own professional theatre, museums, and the nation's largest academic press. We also have a strong global presence with our own facilities in Hong Kong, Delhi, Beijing, London, and Paris, active educational programs in the College in locations throughout the world, and the ongoing interaction of scholars and students at work with colleagues from around the globe.

We invite you to visit our main campus and other facilities, inquire about the programs and activities that interest you, and participate in the vital University of Chicago community.

Robert J. Zimmer