Office of the EVP Staff

Leigh Breslau
University Architect
Phone: 773.702.3120


Courtney Davis Curtis
Assistant Vice President for Risk Management and Resilience Planning
Phone: 773.702.2265


Duane Davis
Executive Director, K-12 Education Initiatives
Phone: 773.702.0038


Megan Harris
Senior Associate Vice President
Phone: 773.702.8570

Tracy McCabe
Associate Vice President
Phone: 773.702.4559

Katy McCormack
Executive Assistant
Phone: 773.834.3463

Susan Popa
Assistant Vice President, Leadership Development & Strategy
Phone: 773.834.8763

Becky Rhode
Executive Assistant to the Executive Vice President
Phone: 773.834.3994

Maria Romanucci
Director of Administration and Operations in the Office of the President
Phone: 773.702.8815

Dee Steppes
Executive Assistant
Phone: 773.702.0872

Marija Tomic
Financial and Accounting Coordinator
Phone: 773.702.1238