Office of the President Staff

Bridget Allen
Phone: 773.702.8800

Marlena Harmon
(Primary contact for President Alivisatos’s schedule)
Director of Presidential Support
Phone: 773.702.8002

Cathy Jacobson
Executive Assistant
Phone: 773.702.2046

Bridget Kostigen
Director of Presidential Communications
Phone: 773.702.7618

Erin Lane
Chief of Staff, Office of the President
Phone: 773.782.2012 

Linda McLarnan
Assistant to the President for Communications
Phone: 773.834.8342

Alice J. McLean
Director of Special Projects
Phone: 773.702.5151

Maria Romanucci
Director of Strategic Initiatives and Finance
Phone: 773.702.8815

Susan S. Sher
Senior Advisor to the President
Phone: 773.702.0872